Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Make-up Artist (my budding career)

I have always been fascinated with make-up even at my younger stage. I always see my self as late bloomer because I was in my college days that i really put on make-ups. By that time it was just powder blush and lipsticks. Then i got a job at a fast food chain and putting on make-up was a necessity on the job not just to be presentable but also to hide the stress lines and that awful eye bugs. So I decided to learn the basics of make-up I ask questions from the Make-up Artists in our salons the basic things to have, the basic strokes and the basic techniques. I also bought a book in order to fully understand it all. Time passed i gathered and collected a fair amount of make-ups and also experienced it by myself in my own face. It's not until we went to China to be the Philippine delegate and be one of the judges in the prestigious Hair Olympics last November 2008 that my mom encouraged me to put my make-up skills in action which means doing other faces not just mine. The China experienced also opened my eyes to new opportunities and possibilities. There i saw that the Beauty industry is not merely dominated by our "gay" sisters. Make-up artist from all parts of Asia competed there and i saw that their were hand full of "straight" men and women. That made me jump into the boat. My mom generously provided me with my very own set of MAC products for me to start doing make-up.

It was not until I met and talked with the guru MR. LEONARD PE that i really had the opportunity to put my products into action. It started with a casual talk that lead to the question of "how about we do a photo shoot, you do the make-up?" i was hesitant at first because kuya Leonard (as i call him) is a well-known photographer already (even though he do not brag this) in my mind what if i can not reach up to his expectations? Much to my delight kuya Leonard was the one who really pushed me to really really JUMP into the BOAT!!! and I'm so grateful to him for that. I have no ounce of regret that i did really team up with him. For kuya Leonard THANK YOU SO MUCH words of gratitude is not enough to express my gratitude for believing in ME. So, moving forward before my tears drop here (hehehehehe) this are the results of our "TEAM UP" Kudos to our very beautiful models namely CHAT ELIZAGAQUE, MAUREEN PAULO & NIÑA PAULO. Feel free to leave comments I would really appreciate them. More photos at

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back to School PROMO

Envy Me Salon presents it's Back to School Promo Avail Services and get FREE extra services

Contact us for appointments and inquiries at (083) 301-8937 or visit us at Rd Bldg. Pioneer Avenue General Santos City. 

Monday, June 1, 2009


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Sorry took so long to update this BLOG. These are the list of our services with their corresponding prizes. We constantly have promos and packages so that your beauty regiment can fit to your budgets. 

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