Thursday, March 26, 2009

Botanique Spa Look and Learn Seminar & Competition (CDO)

(Botanique Spa Rebonding "demo")

(Product Presentation)

(Ice Cream Color Technique)

(Haircut "demo" by Roy Marquez)

(Judging & Model Presentation)


(1st Place)

(2nd Place)

Last March 23, 2009 Botanique Spa launched it's product line at Cagayan de Oro City. A look and learn seminar was done so that salon owners and hairdressers alike can see for themselves the use and the techniques of the products. Both new and old techniques was introduced by Roy Marquez the Artistic Director of Mondes International Hair Salon Academy. New hair color like "ice cream" color for the summer was also shown step by step. And new hair cut style also are disconnections and assymmetrics which was introduced by Hilbert Ng in Davao was also shared by Roy in that said seminar.
Additionally a competition was also concluded so that hairdressers can show their talents and express themselves. Participants of this event came from different places we have delegates from Bukidnon (Valencia & Malaybalay), Iligan, Pagadian, Cagayan de Oro & San France. Hairdressers and Salon owners there are so welcoming because it is not that often that events like this are done in there place.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sophistication 2009 (seminar, hair show & competition)

(Look & Learn Seminar by Botanique Spa)

(from left Budz, Hilbert Ng, Kenny Chang, Me)


(haircut demo by Kenny Chang)

(haircut demo by Hilbert Ng)

(Kenny Chang explains his work)

(competition proper)

(competitors w/ models )

(2nd Place)

(1st Place)


(me w/ all the winners)

(me w/ Hilbert Ng and Kenny Chang)

March 18, 2009 was a really stunning hair day for us in the beauty industry here in the South. There was a look and learn seminar, a hair show and a hair and make-up competition. The hair show was conducted by two extremely talented international hair designer Mr. Hilbert Ng and Mr. Kenny Chang (take note that they are "straight" men w/ families). They are well trained and well experienced hair designer and have been all over the world making and showing their hair collections every season for international brands like "wella" and many more. They are salon owners as well and Mr. Hilbert Ng is an instructor not just for his own school Hit Salon & Academy in Guangzhou but also schools at Chicago, UK, L.A. and London. We were privilege that they accepted our invitation to do a hair show here locally to bring to us new trends and styles for this season- "the summer." Their collection consist of colorful, trendy and chic hair styles for the summer that means short hair cut with combination of bold straight boob, diagonals, disconnections and horizontals.

Furthermore, a Hair and Make-up Competition was also concluded. Only one category "Ladies Cut, Color & Style and Commercial Make-up." The turn out of competitors was sizable, we had 16 competitors vying for the cash prizes which are as follows: Champion 10,000, 1st Place 5,000, 2nd Place 3,000 plus trophies and gift packs all brought to us by
Mondes International Beauty Products and Botanique Spa. Attendees for the said event which was roughly 200 persons went from as far as Cotabato, Agusan del Sur, Surigao and Cabadbaran. Their was also a draw for the raffle promo of Botanique Spa in which they gave away a Cut & Color Package worth P20,000 which consists of: hydraulic chair, blower, 10 color tubes, 5 developer, scissors, mixing bowls, tint brushes, aprons, capes and conditioners. WOW a complete salon already the lucky person was from Trento, Agusan.

For more pictures visit my multiply site.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dinner w/ Ms. Earth 2008 winners

Ms Earth 2008 winners and (ME)

Ms Earth 2008 winners w/ Mother Ricky, Me & my Mom

Ms. Earth 2008 Karla Paula G. Henry of the PHILIPPINES

Ms. Tanzania, Miriam Odemba was Ms. Earth Air (1st runner-up)

Ms. Mexico, Abigail Elizalde was Ms. Earth Water (2nd runner-up)

Ms. Brazil Tatiane Alves won Ms. Earth Fire (3rd runner-up)

We were in Guangzhou, China during the 2008 Ms. Earth Pageant Coronation took place. at Clark Pampanga. The Ricky Reyes chain of salons are the official make-up artist for the prestigious international beauty pageant with a cause which is hosted by our country. So, mother Ricky invited the winners of Ms. Earth 2008 for an intimate dinner at his famous house. Me and my mom was also surprised when he invited us. His words were Evelyn, kelan kayo uwi ng Davao? then my mom replied, sa 19th pa mother then he said: papasundo ko kayo sa 17th dinner tayo sa bahay with Ms. Earth winners picture taking tayo OK? As i heard him saying that i got super excited.

We arrived at his house at 7:00 pm because the traffic was worst for the holiday rush and all. It was not my first time to go to mother Ricky's house, we spent one New Year's Eve there back when i was 13 years old. Minutes after we arrived the Ms. Earth beauties arrived. Mother Ricky introduced us to them and i thought to myself my GOSH they are all so pretty and Ms. Mexico is so tall. I got intimidated at first (sino ba naman hindi ma insecure noh?) but when they started talking to me i was surprised because they were all so kind and accommodating. They started sharing their unforgetable experiences here in our country. Ms. Brazil shared a filipino word she learned from the make-up artist staff of mother and it was "bongang bonga" and "magaling magaling." We all burst into laughter when she said that in the dinning table. Ms. Tanzania eventhough she was black she was very pretty i almost mistaken her for a "bratz" doll. And Ms Earth was very friendly and talkative.

After dinner we did not waste another minute, we went straight to the enormous and ever famous christmas tree of mother for our picture taking. A once in a life time experience. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beauty Tour w/ Mother Ricky

Nanyang Hotel Guangzhou, China delegates from the Philippines

Evening Make-up Philippine entry 2nd place

Champion Evening Make-up Philippine Entry

Champion Bridal Make-up Taiwan Entry

Fantasy Make-up 1st Place China entry

Last November 2008 i had the privilege to go to Guangzhou, China & Hongkong together with Ricky Reyes (which in our industry we all call Mother Ricky) as one of the Philippine delegates for the 12th APHCA Hair & Make-up International Competition.

In the 1st picture are the delegates of the Philippines for the said international competition wearing "barong" and "filipiniana." The ones wearing black are the competitors representing our country. The rest of us are assigned to judge specific categories that do not have Philippine competitors to avoid bias. Mother Ricky is the current President of APHCA (Asia Pacific Hairdressers & Cosmetologists Association). All the four competitors gained awards and we brought with us home the Champion for Evening Make-up Category by Stephanie a renown make-up artist in Cavite . And Joveth Pichon who is an owner of a salon in Davao also got awards for his entries on Evening Make-up and Bridal Make-up.

It was an eye opening experience for me because there I saw a lot of people from different countries and we were all connected on one thing the "beauty industry." I met delegates from Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Macau, China, Korea, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Taipei and Japan. Here in the Philippines the beauty industry are dominated by "gay" hairdressers and make-up artist but in different countries as i have proven by that competition are straight men and women. Guys there looked like anime characters but they were not the models they were the competitors themselves.

Our hair style and make-up are not far away from that of the other competing countries we have the trophies to prove that. But by attending that international event i gained new and interesting knowledge about our industry. I have learned new techniques in hair extension and eyelash extension that i brought back here in our home town General Santos City.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Do you want a long hair but don't have the patience to wait for years for it to grow the length you want? Do you envy "dyesebel"? and the actresses that have their long black hair on the spot? like Mariel Rodriguez (ang kapitbahay ni kuya and the main stay host of wowowee) that have her hair instantly transformed infront of us.

Your wait is finally over the salon that provides you with the latest trends in beauty and the pioneering salon in town brings us the latest breakthrough in hair extension the

Gone are the days where we have to wait for years and years for our hairs to grow. In average our hair grows an inch a month. So imagine it how many months will you have to wait for your "dyesbel" or "mariel" look? And gone are the "aray" days of the old fashioned piece by piece and overly costy hair extension that will take half a day to finish putting on and also half a day putting out. Say hello to LONG HAIR instantly. Why instant? instant in the sense that it will only take 15 minutes or so to put on because of it's advance design that uses clip ons.

Another instant extension is our EYELASH EXTENSION
Are you born with a very short eyelashes? Do you envy girls that have long lashes that makes their eyes look good? Then again worry no more Eyelash Extension is in town.

For more information about this "magical" products call or visit our salons in the following address and telephone numbers:

ENVY ME SALONS are located at:
RD Bldg. Pioneer Ave. General Santos City tel # (083) 301-8937
fronting NCCC Mall Matina Davao City tel # (082)
Gaisano South Citimall Illustre Street Davao City tel # (082) 305-9318

HAIRS & NAILS SALONS are located at:
2nd level KCC Mall of GENSAN tel # (083) 301-4822
3rd floor KCC Mall of Marbel tel # (083) 228-9048
Tionko Bldg. Duterte Street (fronting Shakeys) Davao City tel # (082) 305-3401 or
and soon Gaisano Mall of Iligan tel # (063) 221-9883

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Look & Learn Seminar from international artist HILBERT NG plus Hair & Make-up Competition

A look and learn seminar will happen this March 18, 2009 a Wednesday at Gaisano South Citimall Illustre Davao City from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

This is another venue for all the players in the beauty industry to showcase their talents and upgrade their skills in their individual field of expertise.

An international master hair designer will grace us with his presence during this event and he is no other than MR. HILBERT NG.

To know more about HILBERT NG here are some information about him:

  • Established HIT SALON and ACADEMY, a working training salon & educational center for designers worldwide.
  • Successfully opened and currently operating Salon Momo, a class A salon in Guangzhou
  • Established Hilbert & Co, one of the first studio salons in Guangzhou which has become a trend for local salons
  • Top designer for Salon Vie, a Class A salon on the East Coast of Florida, USA
  • Educational Director for Zanos Group, a salon and educational establishment in greater Chicago (USA) area
  • Educator, Senior member for Pivot Point International Chicago, USA
  • Advance Seminar from Vidal Sassoon, TIGI Mahogany London, UK
  • Toni and Guy, Advance Cutting Course, New York
  • Master Class Diploma from Rusk Academy, LA, USA

So see you all there.


Welcome to Envy Me Salon & Spa Blog site.

So, why Envy Me?? Envy Me came to be because of my perfume "GUCCI ENVY ME" then it struck me that it will be a good name for a salon & spa. The tag line will be "Do you envy my hair? then what are you waiting for go to ENVY ME SALON & SPA where beauty belongs."

Company Background:

ENVY ME SALON & SPA is a sister company of HAIRS & NAILS BODIES & FACES SALON & SPA. All the salons which are located inside the Malls are named Hairs & Nails and all the salons outside Malls are named Envy Me Salon & Spa which includes complete spa services. Envy Me Salon & Spa Gensan branch is WIFI HOT SPOT. So, while having your manicure or pedicure or having your hair treatments you can surf the net or chat with friends just bring along your laptops.

Hairs & Nails is one of the pioneering salons here in General Santos City established by my dynamic mother Mrs. Evelyn Congson in 1988 in a small and humble location at Salazar Street. Through the years it had proven its excellence in the beauty industry by maintaining its edge which is constant training of its staff and continuously upgrading its services which is always at par with the manila's standards.

More post to come about salon services we offer and their corresponding price range.

For now for more information come and visit us at our following locations or call us at the following numbers below.

ENVY ME SALONS are located at:
RD Bldg. Pioneer Ave. General Santos City tel # (083) 301-8937
fronting NCCC Mall Matina Davao City tel # (082)
Gaisano South Citimall Illustre Street Davao City tel # (082) 305-9318

HAIRS & NAILS SALONS are located at:
2nd level KCC Mall of GENSAN tel # (083) 301-4822
3rd floor KCC Mall of Marbel tel # (083) 228-9048
Tionko Bldg. Duterte Street (fronting Shakeys) Davao City tel # (082) 305-3401 or
and soon Gaisano Mall of Iligan tel # (063) 221-9883

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