Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dinner w/ Ms. Earth 2008 winners

Ms Earth 2008 winners and (ME)

Ms Earth 2008 winners w/ Mother Ricky, Me & my Mom

Ms. Earth 2008 Karla Paula G. Henry of the PHILIPPINES

Ms. Tanzania, Miriam Odemba was Ms. Earth Air (1st runner-up)

Ms. Mexico, Abigail Elizalde was Ms. Earth Water (2nd runner-up)

Ms. Brazil Tatiane Alves won Ms. Earth Fire (3rd runner-up)

We were in Guangzhou, China during the 2008 Ms. Earth Pageant Coronation took place. at Clark Pampanga. The Ricky Reyes chain of salons are the official make-up artist for the prestigious international beauty pageant with a cause which is hosted by our country. So, mother Ricky invited the winners of Ms. Earth 2008 for an intimate dinner at his famous house. Me and my mom was also surprised when he invited us. His words were Evelyn, kelan kayo uwi ng Davao? then my mom replied, sa 19th pa mother then he said: papasundo ko kayo sa 17th dinner tayo sa bahay with Ms. Earth winners picture taking tayo OK? As i heard him saying that i got super excited.

We arrived at his house at 7:00 pm because the traffic was worst for the holiday rush and all. It was not my first time to go to mother Ricky's house, we spent one New Year's Eve there back when i was 13 years old. Minutes after we arrived the Ms. Earth beauties arrived. Mother Ricky introduced us to them and i thought to myself my GOSH they are all so pretty and Ms. Mexico is so tall. I got intimidated at first (sino ba naman hindi ma insecure noh?) but when they started talking to me i was surprised because they were all so kind and accommodating. They started sharing their unforgetable experiences here in our country. Ms. Brazil shared a filipino word she learned from the make-up artist staff of mother and it was "bongang bonga" and "magaling magaling." We all burst into laughter when she said that in the dinning table. Ms. Tanzania eventhough she was black she was very pretty i almost mistaken her for a "bratz" doll. And Ms Earth was very friendly and talkative.

After dinner we did not waste another minute, we went straight to the enormous and ever famous christmas tree of mother for our picture taking. A once in a life time experience. :)


djtammy said...

Bayot, pahulama ko anang crown :))

Glad may blogspot ka na!!! Na miss kita :))

Kwentohan galore :)) Next event invite hah

Envy Me Salon said...

@ tammy hahahaha sure more kwentohan para more mayaman hahahaha
yah tnx to your advice may blogspot na ako super user friendly xia ganahan kaayo ko hehehehe next event dri sa ENVY ME on monday be here ha or else!! hehehehe
wala gani nako nakawat ang crown oi super tago man pud nila after picture2x naniguro pud sila ay hehehehe

--miles-- said...

wow ka guapa ni ms. mexico sis..
mga higante jud oh..

Envy Me Salon said...

@miles yah super tangkad kaayo siya i think she is 6ft tall... si ms phil pareha lang mi ug height

Anonymous said...

wow nice post.tagsa ra matagaan ug chance to mingle with miss earth winners up close...bonga kaau ka...gwapa diay ang miss tanzania sa personal? di lang siguro xa photogenic...
u can use the videos i took during the hair seminar in gaisano..and some more videos in

Envy Me Salon said...

@lito yah gwapa xia oi mura jud anang sa bratz gwapo siya ug mata tapos very intelligent and linguistic pud kayao daghan language nabal-an and business woman pud siya :)

Kikay said...

Hi Donna! Wow inggit! how nice your pictures!

Envy Me Salon said...

@Kikay Thank You!!! nice pud mga blog nimo will be following your posts.

Samara said...

wow naman. Bonggang Bongga ka talaga friend! Ang gaganda nyo lahat. Pramis. You Belong!!! *kisses*

Envy Me Salon said...

@Samara Thank you Thank you!!!hehehehe bongang bonga talaga hehehe mwah!!!

Brendel said...

Pwedeng-pwede ka na sa next Ms. Earth pageant, missy!

Envy Me Salon said...

@brendel bwahahahaha waaaat??? thank you!!!

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